TIM myBroker, home and health policies dedicated to TIM customers

TIM presented ‘TIM myBroker‘, a line of insurance solutions designed to meet the needs of TIM customers and employees, favoring the digital channel. TIM myBroker insurance products are developed to meet health and home needs, with a flexible and full digital policy purchase and management experience.

TIM customers can purchase TIM myBroker policies on the official website www.timmybroker.it, also accessible from the My TIM app, using the My TIM credentials already in their possession and, with a few clicks, manage them online and in total autonomy in the area. customers reserved.

At the launch of the service, TIM myBroker already offers two insurance products:
TIM HOME protection: at a cost of 5 euros per year, a complete and customizable policy for the protection of the home built together with UnipolSai;
TIM myHealth: complete health care for the whole family created in collaboration with QUIXA Assicurazioni, the 100% digital company of the AXA Italy Group. It includes: an operations center at your disposal 24 hours a day, medical consultations online or at home, drug delivery to your home, professional assistance in case of need. Cost: € 6.90 per month.

In addition to these insurance products, others will be added to meet all the needs of customers, both consumer and business. For this latter market segment, TIM myBroker is launching the proposal of policies combined with the cyber security solutions offered by TIM.

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