TIM launches coverage on the Open Ran mobile network in Piedmont

After the tests in the Turin laboratories and the start-ups in the field in Faenza and Matera, the TIM Group program continues in Saluzzo, in the province of Cuneo, for the creation of Open RAN (Open Radio Access Network) solutions on its mobile network, with the goal of accelerating the development of 5G digital services and Edge Computing through new functions, centralized and in the cloud. For the benefit of citizens and businesses, Open RAN technology makes it possible to make the mobile network more flexible, also from a 5G perspective, to provide increasingly advanced digital services.

According to TIM, the ‘open network’ model favors the involvement of software developers and start-ups. The Open RAN solution is used in a complex scenario, with live traffic and with radio coverage on multiple frequency bands transmitted by multiple sites, using TIM tools and methodologies for optimal management and control.

The extension of the coverage to Saluzzo was possible thanks to the collaboration with JMA Wireless for the RAN software components, with Microelectronics Technology (MTI) for the radio-frequency equipment, with Dell Technologies for the hardware part and with Cisco for the transport to the site. Italtel acted as a system integrator to support TIM for this solution.

The development of Open RAN solutions, in line with the 2021-2023 ‘Beyond Connectivity’ plan, allows to combine the potential of the Edge Cloud and Artificial Intelligence. This technology allows operators to strengthen safety standards, improve network performance and optimize costs, in order to provide increasingly advanced digital services, such as those related to new solutions for Industry 4.0, the Smart City and driving. autonomous.

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