TIM increases the cost of the World offer with Disney Plus from 1 April 2022

After theDisney Plus increases the subscription fee on February 23, 2021 there was the inevitable upward movement in the prices of TIM offers including Disney Plus for the new ones and, after a short period of ‘fixed price’, also for the old activations. With this change, for example, the cost of the offer “TIM Mondo with Disney +“, including the TIMvision and Disney Plus services, had increased from 3 euros / month to the current 4.99 euros / month. Now, TIM is alerting customers with this offer active (and we also assume those with any other active offer of the “TIM Mondo” range with Disney + of a further increase: from 1 April 2022, the monthly cost of “TIM Mondo with Disney +” will increase by 3 euros / month. Taking the example above, if today “TIM Mondo with Disney +” costs 4.99 euros / month, from 1 April 2022 it will cost 7.99 euros / month.

Recall that on February 23, 2021 the direct subscription to Disney Plus increased to 8.99 euros from 6.99 euros for the month, and 89.90 euros from 69.99 euros for the year. This increase was made as a result of expanding the Disney Plus movie and series offering through the new Star section. Consequently, TIM had to adjust the costs of its TIM Mondo offers with Disney +. And it was a relatively small increase for customers with the ‘TIM Mondo con Disney +’ offer already active (+1.99 euros / month) which cost a total of 4.99 euros / month instead of 15.98 euros / month. (separate, TIMvision costs 6.99 euros / month while Disney + costs 8.99 euros / month). This increase of a further 3 euros per month was therefore almost inevitable.

Customers affected by the change are receiving communication on the invoice, with the addition of information on how to exercise the right of withdrawal for customers who do not wish to accept the contractual change. Below is an example:


Starting from 1 April 2022, due to economic needs deriving from the change in market conditions, the monthly cost of the Disney + World Offer, which includes the TIMVISION and Disney + services, will increase by 3.00 euros (VAT included). Any existing promotions will not undergo any change, any other TIM TV offers that are already active will also remain active, without prejudice to your right to withdraw. You can easily check in the “Cost Details” section of your TIM invoice, or by accessing the MyTIM reserved area (after registering), or by calling Customer Service 187 free of charge, the economic conditions currently in force for the Disney + World Offer. If you do not intend to accept the contractual variation indicated above, you have the right to withdraw from the Disney World + Offer, without penalties or deactivation costs, by giving notice by 30 April 2022, according to the methods illustrated in the appropriate paragraph below “How to exercise the right of withdrawal “We specify that the increase in the monthly cost will be applied to the Disney World + Offer from 1 April 2022, without prejudice to your right to exercise the withdrawal, without costs or penalties, by the deadline of 30 April 2022. To For further information on the contractual modification illustrated above, you can call Customer Service 187 free of charge, go to the tim.it website or go to the TIM stores.

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