TIM gives access to the premium section of MyNews until 30 September

TIM has recently launched the application on the Play Store TIM MyNews, which allows you to access a selection of news from some authoritative sources. Inside we find two sections, a Free, free forever, which shows news from La Repubblica, Espresso, National Geographic, D La Repubblica, MyMovies, TvZap, ilmeteo.it and many local newspapers, and a Premium.

In this second section we find the news from La Repubblica + and Espresso +, published both online and offline, with in-depth audio and video. To promote the application, TIM gives free access to the Premium section until 30 September, thus allowing you to know and test the quality of the service.

Starting from October 1st it will be necessary, through an in-app purchase, to pay 5.99 euros per month to continue using the Premium contents, while the Free section will continue to be accessible for free. Users can also customize the appearance of the application by selecting the news to view, choosing from different categories and local texts.

We remind you that to use the contents of TIM MyNews in WiFi, it is necessary to log in from the TIM mobile network for the first time and then log in at least once a week. The Premium option will be charged to the remaining credit and will be renewed automatically every 30 days unless canceled.

You can download the TIM MyNews app from the Play Store using the badge below.

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