Tile makes available the anti-stalking function “Scan and safety”

In the past few minutes Tile announced that he had started the roll out of the “Scan and security”Through an update for their application and that this novelty will allow all users to perform a scan to check for the presence of an unwanted Tile in their vicinity.

“Scan and Security” Tile: An important and eagerly awaited update

This new security feature was announced by Tile already last year, when presenting new products Mate, Pro, Slim and Sticker and the first model with UWB. Already on that occasion the manufacturer had promised that in 2022 a safety function called “Scan and Secure”And finally there we are.

Tile’s introduction of “Scan and Security” follows on from the initiatives taken by Apple against the danger of devices such as AirTags being used for stalking purposes, the latter of which is quite recent. On the other hand, despite trackers such as the Tile have been around for years, their popularity has grown rapidly and in a short time, therefore this type of intervention was necessary in order to guarantee the safety of users.

The main problem of the novelty introduced by Tile is that it forces you to download the app and perform the scan manually, without therefore automatically sending a notification to the user. The same problem is shared by Apple’s app for Android, while (at least in theory) AirTags do everything automatically on iOS. As you can see from the screenshots, “Scan and Security” / ”Scan for Unknown Tiles” offers some advice to the user, such as: move at least three blocks from the starting position to get an optimal scan; keep the app open to locate the tiles you have with you. The Frequently Asked Questions section, on the other hand, also includes a series of useful safety tips, starting from contacting the authorities in case of scanning of unknown Tiles in your vicinity.

The manufacturer is keen to clarify that the new feature is not a way to advertise and get new users, so much so that the service is available to anyone with a Tile account, but any user can install the app and take advantage of “Scan and safety” even without creating an account and without your smartphone joining the Tile network.

How to update Tile

As specified in the changelog, the “Scan and Security” function is present in the latest version of Tile available on the Google Play Store and downloadable by clicking on the badge below.

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