this is how he endures torture

As is the case with every highly anticipated smartphone, also for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra a few days after its official presentation in Net the in-depth videos dedicated to its features and the many software features begin to multiply.

And among the numerous contents already available, videos that try to evaluate his ability to resist torture of various kinds, such as the one published in the last few hours on YouTube by the PBKReviews staff, certainly cannot be missing.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tortured in an endurance test video

The tests conducted by PBKReviews begin with a “normal” water resistance test for an hour, passed without any kind of problem by Samsung’s new flagship smartphone and continue with increasingly demanding challengessuch as scratch and bending resistance (and this also applies to the integrated nib).

But the PBKReviews staff goes further by subjecting the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to an extreme test to say the leasti.e. by passing a vehicle tire over the smartphone.

If you are curious to find out how the new smartphone from Samsung has behaved, there is nothing left to do but get comfortable and watch the following video. Good vision:

We remind you that we are talking about a smartphone offered at a very high price (in Italy it starts from 1,279 euros) and, therefore, it is not surprising if those who decide to buy it expect that the Korean giant also guarantees an equally high level of resistance. to possible accidents that can happen in everyday life.

According to what emerges from the tests conducted by PBKReviews (which, it is necessary to highlight, have no “scientific” value but only serve to get a rough idea), Samsung’s engineering team seems to have done a truly remarkable job .

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