This fingerprint sensor from Samsung will make card payments safer

Samsung announced an all-in-one IC for fingerprint security called S3B512C, which could be integrated into future debit or credit cards, thus ensuring greater security and protection from fraud.

One chip, many benefits

The South Korean giant claims the S3B512C is the industry’s first solution which integrates a fingerprint sensor, Secure Element (SE) and Secure Processor in a single chip. The sensor is used to read biometric data, while the tamper-proof Secure Element stores and authenticates encrypted data. Secure Processor, on the other hand, analyzes and processes biometric data.

The new integrated circuit uses an authentication algorithm of the proprietary fingerprint to analyze the unique features of the user’s fingerprint. The chip also has anti-spoofing technology that prevents scammers from fooling the security system with artificial fingerprints and other illegitimate methods.

Samsung, as well as claiming that the new IC is in line with specifications BEPS (Biometric Evaluation Plan Summary) from MasterCard and is certified by EMVCo and Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Leve (CC EAL) 6+, stated:

“S3B512C combines a fingerprint sensor, Secure Element (SE) and Secure Processor, adding an extra layer of authentication and security to payment cards. The S3B512C is primarily designed for payment cards, but can also be used in cards that require highly secure authentication such as student or employee identification, enrollment or building access “

There are several advantages derived from using this new chip. The first certainly concerns the PIN replacement with our fingerprint when shopping and, more importantly, the reduction of fraudulent transactions in case of theft or loss of the card as it will not be possible to replicate our fingerprint.

Samsung also claims that its fingerprint security chip is designed primarily for payment cards, but can also be used in other cards that require secure authentication such as employee or student ID cards.

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