This double USB 3.0 power supply is practically given as a gift on Amazon with the coupon

The power supplies for smartphones they are one of those accessories that are always useful, considering the amount of technological devices that surround us. Even more useful recently after that Apple, Samsung and some other brands have started do not put the charger in the packages. The discount coupon available on Amazon ondouble wall power supply, with USB Type-C and Type-A, which actually brings it to half the price, almost gifted.

Dual Rampow power supplies for half the price

The product itself is very simple: it is a power supply with two USB 3.0 ports, one of type Type-C and one of type Type-A. It measures 58mm wide and 95mm long and delivers a maximum power of 36W and consequently it is suitable for charging two devices at the same time without overcharging or overheating the batteries. It is therefore compatible with most smartphones and smartwatches in circulation, given that on average the absorption by these products does not exceed 20-30 Watts.

The dual Rampow charger is a recent product, has been on Amazon since late December, and has a list price of 11.99 euros. Thanks to discount coupon YYK9W9M4 (which can also be activated alternatively by clicking on the page on Apply), you will get one 50% off% taking it home a only 5.99 euros.

Buy the Dual Rampow Power Supply on Amazon – coupon: YYK9W9M4

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