These early 2022 offers are unmissable: discounts up to 63%

2021 closed with a series of important software innovations: first Windows 11 and then Office 2021, with numerous users who are taking the opportunity to update their computers. In case you need to buy a new activation key for the operating system, an application or an antivirus, the opportunity is favorable.

MMORC is an online store specialized both in keys for the most popular software and in those for videogames of the main platforms (Steam, XBOX, PSN etc.). In this period the store has activated a new promotion related to both a Windows 10 and Office 2019 as well as numerous other software useful in everyday life.

With numerous workers in quarantine or in remote working a home workstation is now indispensable and with this offer you have the opportunity to purchase the missing software by spending a very low amount. To enjoy the greatest discounts with Office licenses and bundles with Windows 10 and Office 2016/2019, discounted by 63%. You read that right, a discount of almost two thirds of the original price, simply by using the code TTD63.

Really amazing prices as you can see, but the promotions certainly don’t end there. In fact, using the discount code TTD56 you can get 56% off these keys, which also include the brand new Windows 11 and Office 2021.

With code TTD46 you will also have a 46% discount on Windows 10 and 11 and Office keys, even for Mac, as well as on six-monthly or annual subscriptions to Audible, the most famous site dedicated to audiobook enthusiasts.

MMORC specializes not only in activation keys for Windows and Office, but also in those for the most famous antivirus. In this case, just use the code TTD46 to get 46% discount on these antivirus and on these particular versions of Windows:

Remember that on MMORC.COM you can pay via PayPal, with the certainty of being able to request a refund at any time should you have problems with the key or with any of the purchases made. And for any questions you can contact the technical assistance service that answers this email address.

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