There is a very interesting news for WhatsApp Business Beta

WhatsApp Business is undoubtedly a very useful tool for all companies that choose to use it and one of the added values โ€‹โ€‹of this messaging app is the ability to make quick replies in order to respond to customers quickly, without having to rewrite the same message. whenever the need arises. Until now, the Business user had the possibility to access and select from the list of quick messages set, the chosen message by writing โ€œ/โ€ in the chat.

WhatsApp Business, however, has decided to make available a new way to access the list of quick answers, starting from the latest beta. The new method simply provides for the presence of a new item in the menu that we find by tapping on the paper clip icon in the message box within the chat. Here, in addition to the classic media sharing, document sharing, catalog and camera opening options, we will find the new option for selecting quick responses.

This option has been noticed by both Business Android users with the latest version of WhatsApp Beta installed and by those iOS so it is quite appropriate to say that we are faced with an option that will also arrive on the stable version. Probably WhatsApp has decided to add this redundant option to ensure that it is used more by its Business users.

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