The Xiaomi Member Week comes alive with many benefits and offers for users

Xiaomi Member Week comes alive. The new event launched by Xiaomi’s official website for its users, in fact, allows you to redeem Mi Points to get exclusive coupons. Then there is time until next March 13th for redeem coupons and use to purchase devices Xiaomi And Redmi at a discounted price. It should be noted that some are also available Xiaomi offers exclusive for this week dedicated to the community, with No VAT promotions on various products. Let’s see the details about this new initiative.

Xiaomi Member Week: many benefits for members of the Xiaomi community

For Xiaomi users, these days, the Xiaomi Member Week. This is an initiative that encompasses a number of benefits for the members who will be able to obtain and use Mi Points to redeem coupon and buy products at a discounted price. There are various ways to redeem Mi Point and, subsequently, to redeem, by March 13th, the coupons to be used for purchases.

It should also be noted that, on the occasion of the Xiaomi Member Week, they are also available extra discounts for community members by Xiaomi. In fact, it is possible to buy several smartphones at a reduced price. For example, there is the Redmi Note 11 4/64 GB proposed to 199.90 euros instead of 229.90 euros or the Redmi Note 10 Pro with 108 Megapixel camera proposed, in the variant from 6/64 GBat the price of 245 euros instead of 299.90 euros.

There is also a discount Xiaomi 11T 8 / 256GB, proposed to 475.33 euros instead of 599.90 euros, and it Xiaomi 11T Pro 8/128 GB purchasable at 532.70 euros instead of 649.90 euros (in both cases these are “No VAT” promotions). Note also the offer dedicated to Xiaomi Pad 5 6/128 GB which can be purchased at 327.79 euros instead of 399.90 euros. The promotions will end on March 13th.

To find out all the details relating to the initiatives organized for the Xiaomi Member Week and to redeem Mi Points and coupons before the end of the promotion, you can refer to the link below:

Discover all the advantages of Xiaomi Member Week

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