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Just a few hours ago a piece of news shook the panorama of Italian mobile telephony: the possibility that Iliad And Vodafone were in negotiations to reach an agreement that would unite the activities in our country, however, it did not last long, because Benedetto Levi stated that theoperator will continue alone.

No Iliad-Vodafone merger: this is what Benedetto Levi said

During the event dedicated to launch of the Iliad fixed networkavailable as of now for activation, the CEO of Iliad Italia Benedetto Levi was able to respond to the doubts of users regarding this possible merger with Vodafone, which could have brought a big shock to the telephony market. During a post-event interview, the executive practically denied this merger and stated that Iliad was rewarded by customers for its behavior and for wanting to pull straight and alone: precisely for this the operator will continue on this path.

This obviously does not mean that the negotiations never took place, also given the source that launched the news of the possible merger (Reuters): Iliad, however, has decided to continue alone in its expansion plans in our country. At this point we expect to hear a few words from too Vodafonewhich will most likely release a statement in the next few hours. Obviously we will not fail to return to the subject because the story is not yet completely closed.

Would you have been in favor of this marriage between Iliad and Vodafone? Or are you relieved by the words of Benedetto Levi? Let us know yours.

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