The Wavelet app enhances and personalizes the audio quality of the headphones

Wavelet is an application that offers over 2300 pre-calculated optimizations for the various models of headphones and many options to customize the audio being played.

With the feature AutoEq all models have been measured and compensated against the Harman lens to deliver the best sound quality you can get from your headphones, while the 9-band graphic equalizer allows you to customize your sound with various presets and manual adjustments.

Bass booster, Reverb And Virtualizer allow you to further customize the sound by adding effects to the music being played while features Bass Tuner And Limiter they offer respectively the possibility to remove the resonances from the low frequencies and the unwanted volume peaks, finally Channel Balance allows you to adjust the balance between the left and right channels.

The tool allows you to optimize any audio configuration on mobile devices, however the functionalities offered by Wavelet depend on the system libraries present on the device, therefore all the functionalities may not be available for some of them.

Wavelet is available for Android free of charge supported by optional in-app purchases to unlock the Bass booster, Reverb, Virtualizer and Bass tuner features for € 4.99. Below you will find the badge to reach the application page In the Play Store from Google.

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