the third beta of Android 12L is in sight

The news was in the air but so far there had been no signs on the Net. The series has also been for a few minutes Google Pixel 6 can be inserted into the Android Beta programtherefore ready to receive that update to Android 12L we told you about a little while ago.

A beta 3 of Android 12L is on the way

For some time, Google has created the Android Beta program, to allow developers, producers and enthusiasts to preview the new versions of the green robot but due to some difficulties, probably linked to the new Tensor chipset, it had not yet included the new ones. flagships presented last October.

The timely release of security patches in February, which occurred at the same time as the other supported models, had foreshadowed that the most important problems were solved and that the Pixel 6s were also ready for the beta version. On the other hand Google is expected to release the final version of Android 12L in the course of Marchas we reported today, and it would be strange to launch it without first having released a beta version.

We remember that in the timeline Also inserted is a release in February which Google indicated it as Beta 3incremental compared to the versions already released, dedicated to final tests for apps, SDKs and libraries. At this point it is more than likely that the beta 3 will arrive shortly, perhaps as early as next week, and that it will also be used to test any incompatibilities or problems with the Tensor that equips Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro.

If you want to enter the beta program you just have to visit This Pagescroll to the section dedicated to the phones connected to your account, and add your Pixel 6, following the simple instructions on the screen.

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