The security patch of January 2022 coming to many Samsungs

Samsung prepares to release the new security patch for January, while work continues on parallel tracks to bring Android 12 and the new One UI 4 to as many smartphones as possible.

January 2022 security patch coming from Samsung

The new patch updated in January is in fact a “separate” update from the new version of Android, which has already arrived on some devices of the Korean house with the security update of the month of December still. In fact, it seems that Samsung will release the patch in a dedicated way, but it could also be that for some the new update to Android 12 also brings the updated patch with it.

The important thing, however, is to receive the updated patch, which, like every month, solves many problems within the operating system of our smartphones. The January one includes improvements for 43 vulnerabilities found by Google (including two critical for Qualcomm processor-based devices), e 19 corrections made by Samsung (5 of which concern the new One UI 4), on Knox, WiFi, Bluetooth and even the closure of a flaw that could enable telephone conversations.

Samsung smartphones updated with the January 2022 patch

So here are all the Samsung smartphones that will receive the new security patch of January 2022 in the coming weeks:

For smartphones with quarterly update, the new patch is expected to arrive on Samsung Galaxy A22, M21, M22 and M31.

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