The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked trailer focuses on the S22 cameras

For a day now, Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 + and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – and, with them, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets (which now have no more secrets) – have an official presentation date and now the official trailer of the event “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked February 2022”It suggests, not too subtly, what characteristics to keep an eye on.

In particular, it seems that the entire video – which, however, Samsung has had the correctness to mark as a simulation – wants to emphasize the rumored capabilities of the photographic sector of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Slogans like “break the rules of light” or “break through the night“, The scene of the dark tunnel in which it is still possible to discover who those mysterious eyes belong to, the exit from the tunnel and the surprising ability to illuminate the night landscape in the hands of the protagonist who simulate the shot of a video camera, are all quite obvious allusions.

On the other hand, all the rumors that have emerged so far attribute to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra a main camera with 108 megapixel sensor with high sensitivity in low light conditions and 12-bit HDR support. The sensor itself could be the same ISOCELL HM3 of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra predecessor, from which the manufacturer would have been able to pull off even better performance.

Samsung’s trailer probably also alludes to rumors about a greater aperture and the use of brighter optics in combination with the same sensor, which should allow the new flagship to let in more light and capture sharper images. Alternatively, the moving scenes could be a reference to next-generation image stabilization, which should give the Galaxy S22 Ultra a 48% better shake reduction and motion compensation than the previous model.

Before leaving you to the trailer of the “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked February 2022“, Here is a summary of the technical specifications of the photographic sector of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, shown again on Twitter by Ishan Agarwal in the very high quality image you see above:

  • 12 MP (ultra wide angle, 120 °, f / 2.2, 13mm, 1 / 2.55 ″, 1.4 µm, 2PD, AF)
  • 108 MP (main camera, 85 °, f / 1.8, 2PD, OIS)
  • 10 MP (Telephoto, 11 °, f / 4.9, 230mm, 1 / 3.52 ″, 1.12 µm, 2PD, OIS)
  • 10 MP (Telephoto, 36 °, f / 2.4, 69mm, 1 / 3.52 ″, 1.12 µm, 2PD, OIS)

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