The Repainter app wants to give you full control over colors in Android 12

Google introduced with Android 12 i dynamic colors, these allow the system to apply themes to your phone and compatible applications simply based on the background color. Unfortunately, the possibility of controlling this function is rather limited, but it becomes evident on the horizon Repainter, an app that wants to fill you up Material You color control in Android 12.

The main features of Repainter

As you already know, on Pixel smartphones with Android 12 the system will extrapolate a collection of colors from the background applied to the display, giving the user three or four options to choose from. Most of the alternatives proposed are made up of pastel colors, therefore soft, and at present the user does not have a great deal of leeway to customize them.

The purpose that Repainter has set itself is that of give the user more control over color management, from the choice of colors outside those of the background, to the possibility of making them more vivid. The application was developed by kdragOn, already known member of the Android community for having, among other things, participated in the development of the ProtonAOSP custom ROM.

One of the main features of Repainter is the ability to change the color depth of Android 12, you can make them more vivid, swap grays with pure black and alternate color tints on the background surfaces. It is also possible to have live wallpapers not change the color theme while you are using the device.

Google tries to put a spoke in Repainter’s wheels

Initially the app also worked on devices that had not acquired root permissions, a tool downloadable from the Play Store called “Shizuku” was enough, which allowed the app to execute ADB commands locally on the smartphone.

Unfortunately, however, with the security patches of January 2022, Big G has changed the cards, at the moment in fact it is no longer possible to use this procedure to fully enjoy the functions offered by Repainter. A method to circumvent the recently introduced issue is being developed, but currently the only way to use Repainter (assuming you have correctly installed the above security patches) is to have root permissions active on your smartphone.

At the moment the application is compatible only with Pixels, but with future updates, support for One UI 4 will also be introduced. Repainter is currently in beta version with preview access at the price of 5.49 euros, if you want to try it we leave you the badge below.

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