The ranking of the most downloaded apps of October 2021 is dominated by social networks

Like what happened last month, not even this time there are particular surprises in the ranking of mobile applications for Android and iOS more downloaded: also to October 2021 were i social to make a big voice.

The data comes from the Store Intelligence platform of Sensor Tower, examine the Google Play Store and theApp Store and they see TikTok topped the ranking of the most downloaded non-gaming apps worldwide in October 2021 with a total of over 57 million installations. Douyin in China (17 percent) and the United States (11 percent) were the countries that contributed most to yet another success of TikTok.

Following TikTok in the general ranking is Instagram, which, with 56 million installations, leads the Google Play Store ranking. Zuckerberg’s social network also shows impressive numbers on an annual basis: + 31% compared to October 2020. The strongholds of Instagram were India (39 percent) and Brazil (6 percent).

The rest of the global top 10 is composed, in order, of: Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Meesho, Spotify and CapCut (we talked about it in our guide on the best video editing apps on smartphones). In the ranking relating to the App Store, the names of YouTube, Google Maps and WeChat are also reported.

Have you also downloaded one of these applications in the last month? Or did you already have them all? Tell us in the comments.

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