The Pomodorino app helps you not to get distracted with your smartphone

Cherry tomato is a digital wellness application that aims to help you stay focused on the activity you are doing while avoiding distractions with your smartphone.

To start a detachment session from your device, simply choose the type of activity from the drop-down menu and set the duration of the timer which indicates how long you will have to stay focused on what you are doing without interacting with your smartphone.

The Pomodorino app encourages you to stay focused

If you reach the goal you will be rewarded with one of the cherry tomatoes that will be added to your collection, with the possibility of obtaining rare and special specimens if you finish the longer abstinence sessions. However, if you use the device during the session, you will be reprimanded with a rotten tomato.

The Pomodorino app offers the possibility to review the sessions day by day, find out what type of cherry tomatoes you have collected and how long you have managed to stay focused, it is also possible to convert the collected cherry tomatoes into tomato sauce to climb the Google Play rankings. Games.

In the future, the tomato garden will also be implemented and the possibility of viewing more accurate graphs on the concentration sessions will be added.

Pomodorino is available for Android free of charge supported by optional in-app purchases and can be reached nel Play Store from Google using the badge you find below. Android 6.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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