The Pokémon Café serves delicious treats to Pokémon

Pokémon Café Mix is a puzzle game in which you will manage a bar that serves treats to Pokémon to increase the level of friendship.

To satisfy the palate of the friendly customers it is necessary to fulfill their orders by dragging the Pokémon tiles to form chains and solve the various complicated puzzles, in order to create drinks and greedy dishes with cute Pokémon-themed decorations.

To create a chain it is necessary to connect at least two pieces with swipes, however you have to keep an eye on the time and the number of moves available.

The Pokémon Café opens its doors

Pokémon can help you with their Café abilities which can be obtained by filling a bar by accumulating Pokémon motivation and used to perform combos.

As the Café grows in popularity, you can expand it to accommodate even more Pokémon and add new treats to the menu, plus the game offers the ability to make friends with your favorite Pokémon and add them to the staff by serving them treats that will strengthen your bond by increasing the friendship level.

Pokémon Café Mix is available for Android for free supported by optional in-app purchases to accelerate game progress and asks for permissions to access the Wi-Fi connection information.

Below you will find the badge to track the game In the Play Store from Google. Android 6.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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