The Play Store gives more time to fill in the data security section

In May of last year, we told you about the new section that Google intended to introduce in the Play Store, concerning privacy and data security, useful both for developers and for end users; now it seems that Big G is slipping the timing related to this novelty.

Developers will have more time to fill out the “Data Security” section

The purpose of the introduction of this new section is to give developers the possibility to communicate to users what data is collected by applications, how they are used and possibly shared; these include location (approximate or precise), contacts, personal information (name, email address), payment information, photos and videos, audio files and storage files in general.

The data security section on Google Play is an easy way to help people understand what user data your app collects or shares, as well as showing your app’s top privacy and security practices. This information helps users make more informed choices when deciding which apps to install.

The developers also have the possibility to report which practices, inherent to safety, are put in place (for example data encryption) and to specify whether users may or may not have the right to refuse or request deletion at a later time, including data collected from third-party libraries or SDKs used in apps.

These possibilities have been available to developers since October and should have been, according to initial plans, visible to all users by March of this year; actually Google has press release to have delayed the timing, now the developers will have until July 20 for “declare how they collect and manage user data for the apps they publish“(Be they new apps or updates); after this date “Non-compliant apps may face additional law enforcement actions in the future, such as removing your app’s store listing from Google Play“.

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