The Peacefully Mom app promotes psychophysical well-being

Peacefully Mom is an application that aims to promote the psychophysical well-being of future mothers and welcome all the emotions that pregnancy arouses in them through a path offered for free.

The app offers mindfulness meditation and positive psychology exercises to improve emotional state management and promote greater confidence in personal abilities.

The section How are you? allows you to keep track of your emotional state, thoughts and daily events to gain greater awareness of your inner world.

My path represents the heart of the app that every week offers three exercises designed to increase confidence in one’s abilities, regulate negative emotions and cultivate positive ones, in order to achieve a state of psychophysical well-being.

The section My progress provides an overview of the various activities that are part of the route, while the section Resources contains the audio and video contents relating to the exercises that can be used without restriction.

The Peacefully Mom app offers a free route

Peacefully Mom offers a free course and wants to contribute to the progress of research by collecting data on the effectiveness of the app for promoting well-being in pregnancy.

For this reason it is necessary to participate in the research simply by using the application and filling in three short questionnaires: at the first start of the app, after three weeks of use and at the end of the five-week course, at the end of which the application will remain available to the user forever.

The app Peacefully Mom is available for Android for free and asks for permissions to access app and device history, phone, device ID and call data, Wi-Fi connection information, photos, media and files.

Below you will find the badge to track the application nel Play Store from Google. Android 5.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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