The OneTouch24 app allows you to keep diabetes under control and receive assistance

The app OneTouch24 constitutes an innovative 24/7 remote assistance service for people with diabetes: Requires the OneTouch Verio Flex glucometer for operation, synchronized with the OneTouch Reveal app.

Within the app you can set the minimum and maximum blood glucose values ​​and OneTouch24 will send notifications based on the values ​​found or to put in contact with the Operations Center in the case of values ​​that are strongly outside the limits.

The glucose results are obtained with the OneTouch Verio Flex glucometer and synchronized in the OneTouch Reveal app: these will be immediately available in OneTouch24, so that the medical staff of the Central can provide assistance, even via phone or video calls. Doctors may also offer a consultation for travel assistance or to make bookings for visits and exams.

The service, created thanks to the collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies And FD W.OR.LD Care is free for the first yearprovided that at least 50 blood glucose tests are performed every three months. L’basic subscription includes:

  • medical consultations in video conference with general practitioner (1 every 90 days)
  • telephone medical consultations (3 every 90 days)
  • remote monitoring and medical parameters Alert (unlimited)
  • multilingual online medical record (unlimited)
  • Search Drug and Find Pharmacy (unlimited)
  • booking appointments, visits and exams (unlimited)
  • referral from a doctor (unlimited)
  • GPS localization on medical consultation and remote monitoring (unlimited)
  • call to an emergency contact (unlimited)

Gabriele Allegri, managing director of Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies Italy, commented:

“It is important to point out that the remote assistance service presented today – all Made in Italy and sustainable for the Health System National – do not replace their own doctor and dedicated staff, but rather aim at support the patient in the daily management of their illness, providing immediate feedback in case of clinical need, doubts or need for information. “

In addition to the Verio Flex meter and the OneTouch Reveal app, you need to do one to use the OneTouch24 app registration on the website or call the toll-free number 800-907025. We leave you with the badges for the two apps in question, which will take you directly to the Google Play Store.

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