the new Unified OS will debut in 2022, with new Smart TVs on the way

The future of OnePlus it will be full of novelties. Looking forward to find out when there will be the European debut of the new OnePlus 10 Pro and gods new smartphones from the Nord rangein fact, the company continues to work on the innovations that will mark its future. One of the hottest topics concerns the software with the arrival of the new one Unified OSthe project of a unified operating system that will complete the integration process between OPPO and OnePlus itself which, in China, has already replaced Hydrogen OS with Color OS. Meanwhile, OnePlus is not abandoning its business related to Smart TV and prepares for a new range updatewith new models on the way. Let’s see the full details:

OnePlus’ new Unified OS will arrive in 2022

The new Unified OS from OnePlus and OPPO it is still in an early stage of development. The confirmation came today from the insider Yogesh Brar who anticipated some details on the status of the project and its future features. The unified operating system that we will find on future OnePlus will be based on Android 13 and, consequently, it will not be ready before second half of 2022.

At present, information on the characteristics of the project is very limited. The new Unified OS should collect the best aspects of OnePlus and OPPO’s OS with the aim of creating a software platform on which to develop a new generation of smartphones and tablets capable of fighting the competition with many additional resources. The operating system should guarantee

The new Unified OS will arrive on OnePlus smartphones already on the market (at least on newer models) as a software update e will debut, in preview, with one of the next flagships of the company. Considering that, currently, the development is still in an initial phase, it is legitimate to hypothesize the arrival of more detailed information, perhaps accompanied by a first beta, over the next few months.

Meanwhile, in the spring, the international version of the new OnePlus 10 Pro will debut. This variant of the top of the range of the brand will be able to count on Oxygen OS 12. The leaker also adds that the rumored OnePlus Pad could have Android 12L at launch.

New images for OnePlus TV Y1S series Smart TVs

The news at OnePlus is not limited to software alone, despite the leading role of the Unified OS for the future of the brand. OnePlus continues to fortify its Smart TV division with the launch of a new range of products. The company is about to introduce the new OnePlus TV Y1S range destined, at least initially, to the Indian market which continues to represent an absolute reference for the brand.

The new models of the OnePlus TV Y1S series are shown in these hours online with some renderings which confirm the design characterized by frames reduced to a minimum. The render that appeared online in these hours also shows us, in preview, the remote control that will be included in the equipment of the new OnePlus TV Y1S. The new OnePlus TV series is confirmed, for the moment, in two different cuts. There is a model from 32 inches which will be accompanied by a variant from 43 inches.

The 32-inch model has an HD panel while the 43-inch model will have a Full HD panel. For both Smart TVs we will find Android TV 11support for Dual Band Wi-Fi and Dolby Audio compatibility with 20 W speakers. By European standards, these OnePlus TVs have very low-end specifications but in India the market is very different from ours and the OnePlus TV series Y1S represents an important asset for the future of OnePlus’ Smart TV division. In the future, we recall, OnePlus could launch its Smart TVs, with much higher-end features, however, also in Europe. We will know more over the next few months.

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