the new (crazy?) idea of ​​HMD Global

Updates are a delicate and deeply felt speech by Android users, who too often find themselves abandoned by manufacturers. The development of updates, even the implementation of security patches, requires significant investments and for this reason the manufacturers offer very limited support over time, albeit with some exceptions.

Paid updates

While some giants like Samsung and Google make updates a strong point, offering support for security updates for four or five years, some “minor” manufacturers do not have the same resources and are thinking of other ways to be able to cover the costs. .

HMD Global, the brand that controls the historic Nokia brand, has chosen a decidedly particular path, never beaten so far, that of paid updates. Despite good support, with three years of security updates included, the company is considering introducing a paid option for some models, in order to extend the receipt of updates by one year.

If the new Nokia XR20 can indeed enjoy four years, most of the models on the market can count on the traditional three years of updates. According to NokiapowerUser, HMD Global would like to introduce a paid option, initially reserved for the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 models, for extend support for security patches by twelve months.

Several European retailers have included this option in the price list, at a price of 24.94 euros, although at the moment it is not possible to buy them, since they have been removed from the databases. it is therefore possible that the information was published by mistake or that it is a marketing move. HMD Global could in fact test the waters to see the reaction of users and understand if they consider the price appropriate to the proposed service. After all, it would be a monthly cost of two euros, against which patches would be guaranteed for a year, without however their number being detailed.

However, it is not clear whether this is a service designed primarily for professional activities or whether it is intended for end users. Would you be willing to pay to extend the period for receiving security updates? Please let us know through the comment box.

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