The millionaire fine for the Play Store comes from France

After Class Action initiated by the EU against Apple for monopolistic practices through the App Store, now it is Google’s turn that will have to pay a millionaire figure for commercial offenses carried out through the Play Store against app developers.

As reported by Le Figarothe lawsuit brought by the French Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire against the Google Play Store ended with the sentence issued by the Commercial Court of Paris, which condemns the Mountain View giant to pay a fine from 2 million euros.

Google ordered to pay 2 million euros for commercial offenses

The decision would have matured due to seven clauses present in the app distribution contracts stipulated from 5 May 2015 to 2 July 2016 and which mainly concern the relationship between Google and Android developers regarding the applications released through the Google Play Store.

According to the Court, these clauses require developers to set prices within a price range defined by Google, as well as allowing Google to charge a 30% commission on each sale and to freely use all information, including confidential information. , provided by the developers without any reciprocity.

The Court decided to sanction this last peculiarity of the relationship between Google and the developers, forcing the company to pay the established sum, as well as forcing it to remove the aforementioned clauses within three months, with a penalty of € 10,000 for each day of delay.

Google claims that its contracts have evolved significantly since 2016 and that some contentious clauses have already disappeared, and the company has also implemented other changes such as a reduction in fees from 30% to 15% for developers who they earn less than a million dollars a year through the Play Store, or 99% of the total.

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