The (limited) advertising also arrives on Telegram

It was Pavel Durov, creator and founder of Telegram, who had feared the arrival of advertising on his instant messaging platform. Until now, the company had managed to keep advertising out of chat, but apparently the need to monetize from the huge number of users has become pressing.

Advertising yes, but limited

Even before any controversy can arise, it is the company itself that clarifies the situation. At the present time, even though things may change in the future, advertising will be present exclusively in public channels with over 1,000 followers. Nothing particularly invasive though, since it will show itself in the form of a text message up to 160 characters long.

The aim will be to attract users to other channels, without however abuse and with a limited number of repetitions. Furthermore, redirection to any website will not be allowed, but exclusively on other Telegram channels. The content of the messages will be contextualized to the channel in which it is published, thus resulting relevant, without, however, using tracking techniques to send targeted advertising to the individual user.

No user data will be collected or analyzed to show advertising, and each user connected to a specific channel on Telegram will see the same sponsored message.“. This is the very important premise made by the company, which posted the advertising guidelines, along with an example, on one dedicated page.

The channel managers will not decide which ads to show, but they will be able to benefit from the earnings, which according to Telegram will be shared with the administrators of each channel. According to what Durov said, without going into details, users who do not want to view the advertisement will have the opportunity to express their dissent.

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