The latest update of WhatsApp Beta anticipates an upcoming news

WhatsApp has just started releasing a new update of the Beta version of the application for Android through the Google Play Beta Program: the version has arrived

The main Announcements of this new update of WhatsApp Beta concerns a new message in the business chat which is shown when the business has been found and then contacted via the Business Directory.

WhatsApp Beta: the news of the update

It is not the first time that we talk about a Business Directory in WhatsApp: the latter will present itself as a system to quickly find nearby activities directly through WhatsApp (at present it is only available in São Paulo).

In addition to this the WhatsApp team is also working on a feature that allows you to filter nearby activities – in order to refine the search -, but this function will be made available only with a future update.

The latest update of WhatsApp Betawhich brings the app to the version, lets you know more about the Business Directory function. As you can see from the screenshot below, the well-known app team of instant messaging is working to introduce a new message in business chats that allows the WhatsApp Business account holder – to whom this function will be reserved – to know when your business was found by the userand then contacted, leaving from the Business Directory of WhatsApp.

Another message of identical content (“You contacted this business from businesses nearby”) will also be shown in the reverse situation where the business account used the Directory to contact someone. Unlike the first, however, this second message will not be shown in Business, but in WhatsApp Messenger.

Before getting caught up in enthusiasm, it is necessary to specify that the function is not yet available not even for Beta users; will be released by WhatsApp only with a future update.

How to update WhatsApp Beta

The latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android (here is the page to join the beta program) can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by clicking on the badge below. Alternatively you can resort to APK Mirror.

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