The JStock app helps you choose the best equity investment strategy

JStock is an application that makes it easy to track your stock investment by providing well-organized stock market information to help you choose the best investment strategy.

Here are the features of the application:

  • 28 supported global equity markets.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Dividend management.
  • 10-year historical chart.
  • Annual yield via performance chart.
  • Stock market news and alerts.
  • Widget for watchlists, world indices and portfolio purchases.
  • Investment note.
  • Technical analysis (currently SMA and EMA).
  • Light and dark themes.
  • Cloud storage integration with OSX Windows, Linux, JStock.
  • Portfolio summary diagram.
  • Dividend chart.
  • Zoom tool for the history graph.
  • Unlimited number of stock market news.
  • Selectable period of the history graph.
  • Unlimited number of checklists and portfolios.
  • Display of the value of the foreign securities portfolio in local currency based on today’s exchange rate.

Annualized return is calculated based on buy, sell and dividend records using XIRR. The app integrates seamlessly with JStock Desktop free and open source which can be downloaded from

JStock is available for Android for free supported by removable advertisements with € 4.39 per month and asks for permissions to access identities, contacts, photos, media and files.

Below you will find the trailer and the badge to track the application in Play Store from Google. Android 4.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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