The Italian Dictionary finally lands on Android

It was a serious shortcoming not to be able to have on Android a dictionary of the Italian language, very useful in certain circumstances but unfortunately absent fromAndroid Market. With the application Italian dictionary, recently present on the Market, finally we can say goodbye to this lack in an absolutely certain way.

The application has excellent features and let’s start immediately by telling you that it can be used in two ways, online and offline. Yes, you got it right, you can use the dictionary even in offline mode by downloading a separate package that includes all items.

Italian dictionary is a free application based on the Wiktionary and is ad-free. Furthermore, it is also possible to move it to the SD, so we are talking about an app that is really well done in all respects, even if it can certainly be improved. Italian dictionary you can download it for free fromAndroid Market through the widget inserted at the bottom of the article. If you do not decide to install the package containing all dictionary entries, then you can only use the application in online mode. To download the dictionary package, which can also be moved to SD, just move to the end of the article to find the appropriate widget.

Since the Wiktionary is an online dictionary accessible to all and updated frequently, it will be possible to help improve it by inserting more and more new definitions. We hope you enjoy the application.

Happy download!



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