The Google Play Store is introducing a new tab dedicated to Offers

The graphic renewal of the Google Play Store in a Material You key of Android 12 dates back to October, but now Big G is introducing a Announcements further in the sign of reorganization: a new tab dedicated to Offers.

Most users still see four tabs in the bottom bar of the Google Play Store – Games, Apps, Movies and Books -, which become five if you subscribe to Google Play Pass. Soon the count could rise to five for everyone, due to the addition of a new Offers tab centrally located, between App and Movies. Google, as you can see from the screenshot shown, has chosen to identify it very simply with the words “Offers” and an icon in the shape of a price tag.

Once opened, the tab groups the offers on applications (“Offers for apps you might like”) and games (“Offers for games you might like”). The covers are larger than usual, showing the discount percentage applied and the offer expiration date, with the standard information of each app directly below.

In spite of the name, which could generate a bit of confusion, the new tab differs from the item “Offers and notifications” already present in the Play Store menu. If on the one hand it is not clear whether and to what extent end users will benefit from this novelty, on the other hand developers will certainly have more opportunities to give visibility to the offers.

At present, the Offers tab of the Google Play Store is not yet widespread, so it is difficult to say whether it is an A / B test or a function already finished and ready for a generalized roll out.

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The Black Friday and the Cyber ​​Monday are approaching, so add the pages to your favorites so that you are always updated on the latest offers!

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