The Google One VPN also available on iOS as well as Android

Google has announced the availability of its VPN service for mobile devices via the Google One app now also on Apple’s iOS devices, after the debut in recent months only on Android devices first in the United States and then also in other countries including Italy.

A VPN (Virtual-Private-Network) let us remember, allows you to browse, stream and download content with a secure and private connection, but also creates a shield against hackers on unsecured networks, for example on public Wi-Fi networks , and reduces online tracking by hiding the IP address.

“Today we are starting to implement the VPN on iOS devices” Larissa Fontaine, VP of Google One, announced in a psot on the Google blog. “Similar to Android, the VPN will be available to Google One members with Premium plans (2TB and above) through the Google One app on iOS. In addition, members can share their plan and VPN with up to five family members at no extra cost, so that everyone can use the VPN, regardless of whether they are using an Android or iOS phone. “

The Google One VPN service on iOS devices is available through the Google One app for iOS, just like on Android devices. Users subscribed to Google One with an iOS device, who have subscribed to a plan of at least 2TB, can then access the VPN integrated in the service at no additional cost, activating it directly in the Google One app, to encrypt their online activity and thus add a extra layer of protection when connecting to the internet from your iPhone or iPad.

In addition to adding the VPN service to iOS, Google has added features to the VPN for Android to make this service easier to use:
Safe logout: to be able to use the internet only when the VPN is activated.
Bypass app– Lists a number of specific apps that can use a standard connection instead of the VPN.
Snooze: to temporarily disable the VPN.

“Privacy and security are always at the heart of everything we do” dice Fontaine. “Our systems have built-in advanced security to ensure no one uses VPN to link your online activity to your identity. Our client libraries are also open source and our end-to-end systems have been independently verified. our VPN is fully certified by the Internet of Secure Things Alliance (ioXt) and has passed all eight of the ioXt security principles. “

Recently, Google expanded the availability of the VPN service in Google One to other countries, including Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. And over time, the service will be made available in even more countries.

Google One is Google’s subscription service that allows you to store personal data on the cloud. It is for those who have stored, or would like to store, more than 15GB of data (such as photos and videos from the Google Photos app) in the basic Google cloud personal space available for free for each Google account. The 100GB plan which costs € 1.99 / month or € 19.99 / year is available in Italy, then the 200GB plan which costs € 2.99 / month or € 29.99 / year and then there is the 2TB plan that costs 9.99 euros / month or 99.99 euros / year. At the moment, Google’s VPN for Android and iOS devices is only included in the latter 2TB plan.

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