The Google Assistant app reaches a new install record

Voice assistants are increasingly present in our life, especially thanks to their usefulness. They allow, for example, to send messages to friends, control smart devices and search for information online. Among the various assistants present, that of Google is certainly the most popular. It’s so popular that even its hookup app recently passed 1 billion installs on the Play Store.

The number of installations doubled in 7 months

L’Google Assistant it’s already integrated into the Google app, so you don’t need to install it from the Store. The separate app is simply yet another shortcut to opening the Assistant, but many users are likely not aware of this, thus explaining the growing number of installs. About 7 months ago the app had reached 500 million installations, a number that today it more than doubled.

Installing the app allows you to have a shortcut directly in the app drawer which, for some users, may be more convenient than the classic long press of the power button or calling it with your own voice. Furthermore, a long press on the app icongives you access to links to Explore, My Day and Settings.

For those wishing to try it, you can download the app directly from the Play Store by clicking on this link.

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