The Facebook Gaming app challenges Twitch and YouTube

Facebook Gaming is Mark Zuckerberg’s application dedicated primarily to gameplay streaming that is inspired by Twitch.

The app offers the possibility to broadcast your gaming sessions live on Facebook and to search for streamers, follow them and be followed, join gaming groups, follow your favorite games, however Facebook Gaming also allows you to play with instant game without the need to download or install anything.

Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, Connect

Facebook Gaming offers three main features: Watch allows you to follow the livestreams of the players, Play allows you to play instantly and without downloading while Connect offers the possibility of joining thematic groups.

The function Broadcast live it allows players to directly stream any game installed on their smartphone on the popular social network, while a star system allows them to financially support their favorite creators.

Facebook Gaming is available for Android for free supported by advertisements and optional in-app purchases to purchase star packs to support favorite streamers.

The app asks for permissions to access your identity, location, contacts, camera, microphone, phone, device ID and call data, Wi-Fi connection information, photos, media and files and can be found in the Play Store from Google using the badge below

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