the dynamic theme will be on all android smartphones

Material You, Android 12’s dynamic theme that allows you to more easily match your smartphone’s color palette with the background, will soon be available on smartphones from leading global manufacturers. This is the announcement released by the developers. Soon, therefore, all the devices Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, I live, Realme, Xiaomi And Techno will receive the functionality.

Material You, the dynamic theme available for all Android smartphones

So far the dynamic theme has almost always been a Google Pixel exclusive, despite Samsung and Xiaomi having recently introduced similar options. However, given the different OEM-specific versions of Android, there seems to be some work still to be done to make sure the feature works well on a wider range of devices. “As more Android 12 devices arrive in the next couple of months, our OEM partners are working with us to ensure that key design APIs, particularly in regards to dynamic color, work consistently across the Android ecosystem. that developers can rest assured and users can benefit from a cohesive experience“. So she wrote Rohan ShahAndroid Product Manager.

The intention, therefore, is clear: to bring the dynamic Material You theme on all Android smartphones. And not just on those produced by Google. “With the release of Android 12 and the introduction of Material You, we’ve made the Android experience smoother and more personal than ever for our users. The gorgeous new design has given birth to experiences such as more dynamic tactile undulation, silky smooth scroll, and a spacious layout. But the star of the show was, and continues to be, the dynamic color: choose your favorite wallpaper and the whole phone experience transforms to express you, from the home screen to some of your favorite apps.“. Thus was announced the release of the dynamic theme, which will become a fundamental requirement for smartphones with Android 12.


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