The domains of Russia will not be deactivated

Internet domains of Russia will not be revokedi as, instead, requested at the end of February by the Government of Ukraine, in response to the invasion by the Russian army. Confirmation comes from Icann, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the organization that is responsible for carrying out all those activities necessary to ensure the correct functioning of the Internet. Here are all the details on the matter:

Icann confirms that Russia’s domains will not be revoked: Ukraine’s proposal rejected

Icann’s choice is clear. With a view to maintaining the neutrality of the global Internetin fact, no measures will be taken against Russia and its dominions. Ukraine’s request will therefore not be accepted. The Ukrainian government had requested the revocation of Russian domains such as .ru as well as the revocation of certificates that guarantee secure connections between websites and computers. The deactivation of the DNS system was also requested for the Russian sites. The body therefore stressed that it does not have to carry out punitive actions but that its role is to ensure the functioning of the global network.

Icann’s comment

Here is an excerpt from the Icann’s answer regarding the request made by Ukraine: “Our mission is to maintain neutrality and act in support of the global Internet. It does not consist in the adoption of punitive actions, sanctions or the limitation of access to Internet segments, regardless of the provocations “ The institution has clarified that it was created for: “to make sure the Internet works, not to play a role in coordinating actions that prevent it from working ”.

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