The detailed maps of Google Maps arrive in Italy

Getting around the major Italian cities will be easier and easier thanks to detailed maps from Google Maps. The feature, which debuted in August 2020 in the US, is finally being introduced in Italy as of Rome.

More detailed Google Maps maps also in Italy: we start from Rome

Google Maps is evolving more and more over the years and is now a real point of reference for many users who have to move, whether it be for business trips, for leisure or for everyday life. The maps can already provide us with a lot of information on the route to follow to get to your destination, on the places to reach and on the activities in the surroundings, but with the news finally being distributed in Italy it will be even easier to get around the cities.

Thanks to the help ofArtificial intelligence and to the understanding of urban landscapes around the world, Google introduces the function of detailed street maps in multiple cities around the world, including Rome (the first in Italy). People will have access to even more detailed road information, which they understand pavements, pedestrian crossing, pedestrian areas, form And length of a sloping road and more.

In this way, users will be able to travel by planning their route in the best possible way: this also and above all applies to pedestrians, especially when using a wheelchair or a stroller.

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