The best free apps released in August 2020 selected for you

System applications pre-installed on smartphones are not always able to offer a truly complete and satisfying user experience, so with this article we are going to list five of the best Android applications to use on smartphones for the month of August.

The ones we will talk about as we continue reading are mostly free, while some offer the option to purchase the relevant version Pro (for a fee) in order to take full advantage of all the features.

Top video app of August 2020

1. Access Dots

Access Dots is one of the most interesting applications that we present to you in this installment of the top app. It allows us to display specific privacy indicators (similar to those seen with the beta versions of iOS 14) on Android.

Basically, Access Dots signals us when any application starts to make use of the microphone or camera (front / rear) of our smartphone. Inside the app it is possible to choose the color we prefer so that we can distinguish if the reference is towards the microphone rather than the camera and it also offers us the possibility to adjust the position of appearance of the colored dots on the status bar.

Access Dots is available for Android free of charge and is supported by advertisements, as well as optional in-app purchases required to unlock all features. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store using the following badge. For installation it is enough Android 7.0 or later.

2. Oto Music

Oto Music is an offline music player, available for free for almost any Android smartphone on the market.

The application interface takes up a lot of it Google’s Material Design style. Oto Music is more than a music player due to the large variety of features that make general use quick and intuitive. In fact, among the most important features we report:

  • Custom playlist support;
  • Import and export playlists;
  • Multiple selection mode;
  • Dedicated folders section (view your phone’s music files directly in the app);
  • Smooth animations, animated icons;
  • Song tag editor;
  • Automatic download of artist image, artist and album information;
  • Search for music from the app.

We recommend Oto Music to those who usually download offline music directly to smartphones.

3. AniWeather

AniWeather provides hourly weather forecasts up to 48 hours and daily forecasts for 7 days for the GPS location or any other location in the world, based on weather data provided by OpenWeather.

The interesting aspect is the satisfying and fluid animations it presents, with also graphically harmonious screens and many other details that make the app pleasant to use.

The application contains all the information necessary to better verify future weather forecasts such as: the actual and perceived temperature, the percentage of humidity, the atmospheric pressure and the wind speed, as well as the help of special graphics that make everything simpler and clearer.

AniWeather is available for Android free of charge with the possibility of making an optional in-app purchase of 2.49 Euros to support its development.

4. WallCraft

It is always pleasant and satisfying to be able to change the backgrounds of your device managing to find eye-catching and good-yielding wallpapers. WallCraft, an application recently released in the Play Store, fits perfectly to meet this type of need.

It owns a large amount / variety of backgrounds of all kinds, from multiple ones minimal to the more complex and elaborate ones, with an above average level of detail. The images take full advantage of the maximum resolution supported by the display of our smartphone, resulting therefore excellent from the point of view of photographic definition.

WallCraft is totally free and available for any Android smartphone.

5. Money Manager

Money Manager is an application for expense tracking and personal wealth management that makes it easy to manage your finances. Easily record all the various transactions and allow you to review the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly financial data.

The app contains the expense calculator, multiple accounts, payment records, the graphical structure of the records and everything you need to keep tabs on your daily income and expenses.

The application is very young and is available for free on the Play Store.

In conclusion

These were some of the most recent top apps for August 2020. Tell us your experience in the comments box: if you already knew them or how you found yourself if you tried them. If you missed the previous videos / articles in the column, we invite you to retrieve them at this link in order to find further useful solutions worth downloading on your smartphone!

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