The best apps to have during the summer, our selection

System applications pre-installed on smartphones are not always able to offer a truly complete user experience and with this article we are going to list the 5 best android apps to use for life digital.
The ones we will talk about as we continue reading are free basic while others offer the possibility to purchase versions pro (for a fee) in order to take full advantage of all the features. In particular, we will propose the 4 that we consider best and the emerging one, to keep an eye on for its potential.

The best apps for summer


Let’s start with the first vacation application: Trips, which allows you to share our travel experiences with the community in a simple and intuitive way.

Trips is very well built from a graphic point of view: on the home screen we could view different trips made by other people abroad by finding photos, videos and descriptions and therefore inspirations. The main drawback of this application is that it is totally in English, from this point of view it could be an idea to insert the translation based on the country where the device is located.

Returning to the app there is the subdivision of the experiences published by categories such as, for example, Adventure, city, art and culture, family and so on. Finally, in the last section we could view our profile as well as insert our experience, inserting photos, videos, a title, a subtitle and a more detailed description of the trip. In short, a very useful application to share with your friends and not only the experiences but also to plan the next adventures.


Do you ever have to go on vacation and ask yourself a thousand questions during the week to make sure you have everything you need with you? We found this application available for free on the Play Store, with advertisements in support of the developers, which is called PackKING and allows you to make a list of everything you need to pack or pack, based on the type of holiday you are going to do.

Just click the “+” button, enter the name of the trip, enter the dates, select the means of transport and off you go with your luggage. Here we go to enclose most of the situations that can happen on vacation. After having concluded the careful selection for the trip we can proceed by clicking on “design my baggage list.” From this point on, everything we need that the application gives us is divided into various specific categories and for each category there is a large amount of choice. Just press the plus button to insert that object inside the backpack and once inserted just press the square to cross it out.

Not all that glitters is gold because after designing the baggage for only one trip, we will not be able to design others at the same time unless you pay for the 3-month, one-year subscription or have the application forever with all the functions unlocked and ad-free for € 8.99. In any case, for this year’s holiday you can use it very well so we recommend that you install it on your Android smartphone. by YourBeach - Bathing establishment suppliers

The next application that is useful especially if we spend the holidays by the sea is called and probably many of you will know it, but for those who have never heard of it, it is an app that allows us to book our place on the beach directly online. All you have to do is open the app, enter the location where we will go to the sea, the dates, click on “search” and the application will show all related results. We will then be able to select the seat to book and make the payment; here for the payment it is necessary to register to receive the receipt by e-mail.

Furthermore, the peculiarity of is to have a detailed description of each beach available before making the reservation and this allows you to evaluate both the place and the price well. There are also the services available to increase maneuvering versatility when we are on site.

What convinces less of the app is the responsiveness of the application, especially as regards the slightly too long loads but for the complex function well, a beautiful intuitive graphics.


How to Search Skyscanner and Find the Cheapest Flights - Root Victor

Those who have to take the plane to go on vacation, the app to download is Skyscanner, which allows you to book air travel, hotels and rent a car quickly and easily. Here too there is a small section to get inspiration on a possible trip to do with advantageous offers.

To book a flight just click on toggle “Flights”, enter the departure point and the arrival point, enter the day of the round trip, select the number of travelers, select the travel class and finally click on the magnifying glass to start the search. After viewing the various flights available, just click on the one you prefer and select the provider you want to use to purchase tickets, after which you will be redirected to the site to complete the reservation or the actual payment. The steps are pretty much the same as far as hotel booking is concerned it’s basically the same.

To make the most of this application we propose to register both to book flights or hotels more quickly at the time of payment but also to receive the latest offers via notification and therefore be able to enable the automatic compilation that allows you to save a lot ‘ of time. So if you want to have an application on your smartphone to book flights by plane, Skyscanner is the best.

Weather Forecast – WeaUmbla

The best weather apps for Android -

As we do for each episode of this column, the last application is always the most recent and emerging one and for this episode the place is won by the app called Weather Forecast – WeaUmbla, released on the Play Store on July 3, 2021 totally free with advertisements inside.

The most appreciated feature of this application right from the start is the extremely clear division of all the information we need to understand how the weather will go for the next few hours and for the next days. Also on the main screen there is also a graph that is updated every 24h in which you can see what precise hours there is of sunrise, sunset and we will also have information about the air quality, a very important detail especially in summer. The peculiarities do not end here because always on the main screen we could access a radar that informs us, through the map, in which direction the wind flows and at what intensity.

Also from the graphic point of view, the app is very well made, distinguishing the information by color: For example, in the case of strong colors, I come in red, light wind in blue, and even the animations appear to be weighted well. In short, an application that despite being recently present on the Play Store seems to be already in a stable version without problems that may affect its operation and which makes it in effect the best app for this month’s weather.

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