The best apps of June 2020 selected for you

Every month thousands of new applications arrive on the Play Store that are not always easy to find due to a not insignificant overcrowding. We have therefore decided to re-open two new historical monthly columns of TuttoAndroid or Best Apps and Best Games. We select the most valid applications on the Play Store every month in order to help you identify the ones that deserve the most download.

These are therefore the 5 best Android apps of June 2020 in our opinion, feel free to report your recent findings in the comments though.

Best Apps of June 2020 on video


Are you inundated with newsletters and don’t know how to get rid of them anymore? CleanFox is a simple application that solves the problem for you. Its function is in fact to identify all the newsletters received, catalog them by sender and allow you with simple gestures to:

  • trash and unsubscribe with a side swipe to the left;
  • trash them without unsubscribing with an upward swipe;
  • or keep them active with a side swipe to the right.

The operation is simple: you just need to connect your email account following the guided configuration, after a few minutes the application will process your emails and then you can decide which ones to keep and which to trash. It is interesting that everything is seasoned with some statistical data regarding the percentage of opening of the newsletters and how much CO2 you will save thanks to the use of the app.

Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

Dolby On is a voice recorder in application format developed by Dolby, very famous in the audio field. L’application is in preview, really well done graphically and constantly updated with new and interesting functions, lately for example the possibility of streaming via Twitch or other platforms has been integrated.

Its peculiarity is that at the start of the recording it makes us wait 3 seconds to record the environmental noises after which it will start recording; when the stop button is pressed, it will process the recorded audio file in order to remove background noises, modify the equalizer values, compress the file, improve the volume, normalize the sound and much more.

You can record both audio only and video clips.


In the selection of the best apps of June 2020 it is the only one a little off the beaten path having been available for a few months now, however it has recently been updated and is perfect if you usually change the wallpaper on your smartphone. Its peculiarity It’s the fact that the photographers and artists who can upload the images are all verified, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find poor quality material.

Furthermore, in the settings, it is possible to set the automatic change of the background by selecting a time frame from 15 minutes to 2 days and a change rule only under certain conditions in order not to affect the performance of the battery.

Filter Box

Tired of receiving hundreds of notifications every day, often useless and unwanted? Filter Box allows you to better manage the notifications we receive. Its main function is to keep a history of all notifications and provide us with statistics on which apps “disturb” us the most. In parallel, however, it is possible to create rules that will filter the notifications; for example it is possible to set all notifications containing a text of your choice, for example, “tomorrow”, to postpone them for a few hours and also to activate this rule only at certain times of the day.

Its “flaw” is that it is a free demo, to continue using it after 30 days you will be required to pay 4.29 euros (to use it for life).


This is the lightest and simplest application of the lot with only one basic function but very useful in some cases. It allows you to pin memos in the notification curtain so as not to forget any things to do. Once opened, it allows you to create new posts, show them in notifications, hide or delete them. So basic that the only setting it has is the ability to turn dark mode on or off.

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