The award-winning puzzle Baba Is You comes to Android

Baba Is You is an award-winning puzzle winner of the Nordic Game Jam 2017 where you can change the rules of the game to achieve the goal. In each level the rules themselves are presented as blocks with which it is possible to interact.

By cleverly manipulating them, it is possible to influence the functioning of the level and cause surprising and unexpected interactions.

For example, you can turn into a rock, turn patches of grass into dangerous obstacles, and even change the goal you need to achieve to get to something completely different.

The award-winning puzzle game Baba Is You comes to Android

Baba Is You requires you to think outside the box and most of the time it will be necessary to change your thinking logic to achieve the goal on the various levels.

Game controls rely on simple swipes and swipes to move the creature and interact with the elements of the level.

Baba Is You is available for Android for € 7.99 without in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access photos, media and files. Below you will find the trailer and the badge to reach the game page nel Play Store from Google.

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