The AirMusic app brings Apple AirPlay to Android

The ecosystem of Apple it is historically closed and also AirPlay is no exception. Support was noticeably absent on Google’s mobile system, but one developer was able to build an app that brings AirPlay to Android.

AirMusic supports all the latest streaming technologies and offers perfect compatibility with Apple AirPlay, DLNA, SONOS, Google Cast, AllPlay, Amazon Fire TV, Denon HEOS and Roku.

The software allows you to stream from any Android app to all these receivers at the same time. If you have multiple audio systems in your home, you can play music anywhere.

Android 10 added support for screen recording with internal audio, so AirMusic is able to extract an audio feed from the capture and send it via one of the broadcast protocols, a great way to bring AirPlay to Android without root. Root is required for devices running older Android versions.

AirMusic It is available as both a trial version and a Pro version. The trial version is free, but after 10 minutes of playback some noise will be added to the audio, forcing the user to restart the app. The Pro version is unrestricted and costs € 3.99. Then find the badge to locate the app in the Play Store from Google.

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