The 4UsMobile app allows you to manage your car rental in a smart way

4UsMobile is an application that offers a safe, easy and smart mobility experience for managing travel with rental vehicles.

The app allows you to book, pick up and return the car in a few simple steps and allows you to open and close the doors automatically by reading the QR code or entering the car license plate number.

It is sufficient to book the car via app or web, collect it by opening the doors with the keyless system, take the keys contained in the glovebox, check the condition of the car with the app and go.

While driving you will always be connected to the system and in case of need or unforeseen events you can send a request for assistance via the app or by calling the support number directly.

To return the car at the end of the rental, just park it in the dedicated areas, check the condition of the vehicle via the app, put the keys back in the glovebox, get out and lock the doors and conclude the rental via the app by framing the QR code.

The app also allows you to view all the data of the active booking, the remaining rental time and the travel history and to take advantage of the geolocation to see on the map the place for picking up and returning the vehicle.

4UsMobile is available for Android for free without in-app purchases and asks for registration and permissions to access: location, phone, camera, Wi-Fi connection information. Below you will find badges to locate the application in the Google Play Store.

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