terrific numbers for the financial results of Q4 2022

In the past few hours Google announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2021highlighting the remarkable success recorded by the smartphones of the Google Pixel series and this regardless of the major problems encountered by the Mountain View giant due to the lack of components (a phenomenon that has been affecting the entire technology sector for many months now).

The fourth quarter, i.e. the one that runs from October to December, is probably the most important one for companies operating in the field of technology, as it also includes the holiday season and this year Google had three important devices with which to deal with it. : we are talking about Google Pixel 5a and above all Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Sales of Google Pixel smartphones are soaring

In commenting on the results of the fourth quarter of 2021, the CEO of Google and Alphabet, Sundar Pichaiwas keen to underline the significant improvements achieved in the artificial intelligence sector, thanks to which the Mountain View giant is able to offer users and companies ever richer experiences.

Again to say of Pichai, among the most relevant aspects of the last three months of 2021 there are the quarterly sales record of Google Pixel smartphonesincreased ad revenue and the growth of the cloud industry.

Overall, revenue for the last quarter of 2021 exceeded i 75 billion dollarswith impressive year-on-year growth (Q4 2020 revenues were $ 56.89 billion).

We remind you that Alphabet does not provide accurate data for the sales of hardware products, which are included in a broader category that also includes the Google Play Store and YouTube non-advertising revenues. Well, in the third quarter of 2021 this category recorded revenues of 8.16 billion dollars, with a significant increase compared to the 6.67 billion dollars in the same period of 2020.

And to make this result even more relevant there is the limited availability of the Google Pixel 6 series (currently sold only in a few “lucky” countries) and Google Pixel 5a (marketed only in the United States and Japan).

There is nothing left to do but give you an appointment with Google’s financial results for the first quarter of 2022 to find out if the growth trend will continue.

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