Telegram will launch a subscription service to remove advertising

Telegram is working hard to enrich and improve its service, but the recent announcement of the arrival of advertisements (albeit to a very limited extent) has made several users turn up their noses, for this reason the founder and CEO Pavel Durov announced that there will soon be a subscription which will allow you to remove them.

Telegram by subscription: here is when and what it will be used for

Among the messaging services that have grown most in conjunction with the recent problems of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, stands out precisely Telegram, which has gained tons of users in one fell swoop and crossed the 1 billion download milestone. While waiting to understand how many of these new users will continue to use the service regularly, Telegram is working hard introducing many new features and the next one is noteworthy.

Through its own official Russian channel, the CEO Pavel Durov has made several announcements touching advertisements in channels with more than 1,000 users. The most interesting is about the upcoming launch of a subscription service through which Telegram will allow you to get rid of advertising. Of course it will be a service optional, therefore all users willing to tolerate some ads will not be required to pay anything.

Durov spoke of a launch already during the month, adding that it will be an inexpensive subscription – the price has not been indicated – and that will allow those who decide to subscribe to support the development of Telegram, as well as remove the ads.

In addition to this, the founder of Telegram pointed out that the owners of the large Telegram channels will have the opportunity to disable ads for all its users. The company is working to create the economic conditions that will make this choice sustainable. As for the functioning, for now we only read that “advertisers will soon be able to place an ‘invisible’ ad on any channel that – assuming there is sufficient cost per impression – will result in no ads on that channel“.

Here is the full text of the published message translated into English:

Many users have suggested introducing the ability to disable official advertisements in Telegram channels. Today we are announcing two more changes:

1. Users will be able to disable official advertisements.

We have already started work on this new feature and look forward to launching it this month. It can be issued in the form of an inexpensive subscription, which will allow any user to directly financially support the development of Telegram and never see official advertisements in the channels.

2. Channel authors will be able to turn off official advertisements in their channels for all users.

Some channel creators would also like to “turn off” advertisements in their channels for all users. At the moment, we are calculating the economic conditions for this option. Advertisers will soon be able to place an “invisible” ad on any channel that – assuming there is sufficient cost per impression – will result in no ads on that channel.

We will continue to work on features that will allow Telegram to break even. The interests of users and content authors will remain our priority in this process.

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