Telegram tries the Sponsored Messages tool

From Telegram he arrives Sponsored Messages, a new advertising tool designed by the popular messaging service to allow users to promote their channels and bots.

As explained by the team of developers of the instant messaging service, users will see sponsored messages (or, better, advertisements) only in public channels that have more than 1,000 subscribers and such promotional messages, which will have a limit of 160 characters, will be related to the topic of the channel in which they are shown.

Telegram is testing the Sponsored Messages feature

Telegram is currently testing the Sponsored Messages functionality with a small number of users and plans in the future to make it available to a slightly wider circle, so as to be able to have all the data necessary to decide whether to implement it globally.

The messaging team’s projects are sharing advertising revenue with public channel owners, hoping that this new tool will offer administrators a leaner and less chaotic way to promote their channels and bots than they do in the state. current.

Telegram is keen to point out that users will not see sponsored messages in chats or personal groups and that the company will not analyze user data to show targeted ads. The messaging service also undertakes not to track or profile users based on their interaction with sponsored messages or other activities and will not allow external links in this type of message.

Each user in a specific channel will see the same message and advertisers interested in this new tool will be able to create their own sponsored messages through the specific Telegram platform.

The Telegram app for Android can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store using the following badge:

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