Telegram has surpassed 1 billion downloads

The sector of instant messaging applications is decidedly competitive and the main platforms are engaged in a continuous “battle” to the sound of new features and various improvements and among the main pretenders to the role of leader of WhatsApp we cannot fail to include Telegram.

We recall that at the beginning of the month Facebook and its various platforms, WhatsApp included, had some problems and Telegram was one of the competitors who took advantage of the situation to try to conquer new users (its CEO spoke of 70 million ” refugees “from other platforms).

In recent days the Facebook empire has also had to face other problems (albeit to a lesser extent) and it seems that many users have started to look around and Telegram seems to be one of the preferred alternative solutions.

Telegram also exceeds 1 billion downloads

And a sort of confirmation of the increase in interest that Telegram is receiving comes from the Google Play Store: according to data from the mobile store of the Mountain View giant, in fact, the Android version of this messaging application has finally managed to enter the exclusive club of apps that have exceeded 1 billion downloads.

Obviously Telegram is very far from the results obtained by the Facebook and WhatsApp applications, both included in the even more exclusive club of apps that have exceeded 5 billion downloads but it is undeniable that its team of developers has managed to create the most credible alternative. among those currently available on the market.

After all, the success of Telegram does not come by chance, as this application is the subject of constant improvement work, with the introduction of new features aimed at guaranteeing an ever richer experience. And, apparently, users appreciate the efforts of the developer team.

You can download the latest version of Telegram for Android from the Google Play Store using the following badge:

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