Telegram ends the year with a lot of news: reactions, spoilers and more

Telegram has decided to shoot the fireworks early, ending 2021 with a series of Announcements interesting: from the anti-spoiler filter to the reactions to the messages, passing through the themed QR codes and the translations, the meat on the fire is really great.

Telegram: the news of the update

None of these innovations, it must be said, comes unexpectedly, but they all go to make the user experience of Telegram even more complete and interactive (although security, according to the competition, is far from satisfactory).

Reactions to messages

The one just released is the twelfth update of the year for the Telegram app and the first novelty to discover is the one we told you about a few days ago for the Beta channel: the reactions to messages. As already happens on numerous other platforms, Telegram allows you to leave reactions to messages – both your own and others – in the form of emojis.

By tapping twice, you can leave one quick reaction – the default one can be changed on Android by following the path THEChat Settings> Quick Reaction -, alternatively just touch the message and choose from those available.

The availability of the function varies between private chats, groups and channels: while in the former they are always active, in the others it is the administrators who can choose (Info page> Edit> Reactions) whether to activate them and which ones to make usable, thus taking advantage of another simple method to collect feedback.

New Spoiler-proof formatting

No one likes spoilers, so this new Telegram feature, also recently anticipated, will come in handy to many users. Hide the text to send in order not to annoy friends and acquaintances is very simple: just select the text you just typed and choose the new formatting “Spoiler“. The hidden message portion will not be visible even in the chat list and notifications. The hidden text can be revealed with a simple tap.

In-app translation of messages

Users use Telegram all over the world, so it happens to also use it to stay in touch with friends who speak other languages ​​or to keep an eye on international channels and groups.

For these and other reasons it is very convenient to be able to perform the instant in-app translation of any message by simply tapping it and then selecting the option Translate. Activate the feature – available on all Android while on iOS only from version 15 onwards – it’s very simple: just go into THESettings> Language and then enable the relative flag.

Themed QR Codes

This function is nice, but definitely less useful than those described so far. The ability to generate a QR code is not new to users with a public username and this also applies to groups, channels and bots. However, it is now possible also customize the QR code to share (or print or publish), choosing the desired colors and motifs from those available.

The number of interactive emojis is growing

If Reactions are Telegram’s newest addition, the service has long offered many other possibilities for expressing oneself without using words, such as interactive emojis. The latter can be used both in 1-on-1 chats and in groups and their number is constantly growing. This time the Telegram animators have added interactive versions of ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ❄️.

New for macOS

Finally, there is a little news for Telegram users for macOS: Context menus have been redesigned with the addition of new suggestions for shortcuts and with the introduction of animated icons for all menu items in the application.

How to update Telegram for Android

All the functions described above are already available for all users with the latest Telegram update for Android that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store using the badge below.

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