Telegram 8.7.0: the news of the update

The Telegram has announced in the past few hours that it has kicked off the release of an update which introduces several interesting new features in this popular cross-platform instant messaging application.

In particular, among the innovations introduced with the version 8.7.0 there are the ability to create individual notification tones, the ability to set custom values ​​to silence chats or for automatic message deletion, enhanced bots and an improved forwarding system.

All the news of version 8.7.0 of Telegram for Android

One of the most interesting innovations is represented by the possibility of use any sound to turn it into a notification tone– Just tap a short audio file or voice message in chat and add it to your notification sound list. All sounds are available on all your devices in the Settings menu, within the section Notifications and sounds.

Another interesting novelty is that by virtue of which it is possible pause notifications for a specific duration, such as for one hour only or even for several days. On Android devices, just tap ‘Notifications’ in the info page of a chat or the Settings button and select Silence in the chat title.

And again, with this version of the application improve the self-deletion functionality (which can be activated in any chat to make a conversation more private, with fewer touches and with more customization possibilities regarding the timer) and that of forwarding of messages (which is enriched with previews),

Another of the novelties highlighted by the Telegram team is that relating to botwhose developers will be able to use JavaScript to create more flexible interfaces, so that they can completely replace any website. Telegram bots can also perform small tasks, such as managing a chat, with some extra functions included.

Another improvement introduced is that relating to Picture-in-Picture mode and in particular to the media player window, with a rounded design and the ability to change the size with the pinch-to-zoom.

Finally, among the innovations introduced with version 8.7.0 of Telegram for Android there are changes to the interface to change your phone number in the Settings (a new look has been implemented with animated ducks) and additional animated emojis dedicated to the food.

You can download the new version of Telegram from APK Mirror or from the Google Play Store through the following badge:

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