Telegram 8.2 arrives, already available for download from the Play Store: here are the news

Telegram is always a security in terms of updates and that of today, arrived to introduce the version 8.2, meets expectations bringing with it a long list of new features and various tricks, which never hurt because they improve stability and performance.

New in Telegram 8.2

The changelog, in fact, it has four items and each of them refers to a new function or an improvement of something that was there, demonstrating the fact that Telegram is constantly working to improve its service and its application for Android. So here’s what’s new with Telegram 8.2:

  • quickly scroll through the shared media by dragging the new bar with the date;
  • zoom in, zoom out or tap ⋮ for the new calendar view;
  • create invitation links that require approval from administrators.
  • tap on animated emojis like: ghost: or: jack_o_lantern: to launch full-screen synchronized effects.

Note the introduction of fast scrolling of shared media, a new calendar view and the ability to create invitation links that require approval from an administrator.

How to download Telegram 8.2

Telegram 8.2 is already available for download for everyone directly from the Google Play Store, so it is not necessary to resort to apk or other tools to have it immediately. What is now missing from Telegram, after these additions?

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